Meet Amanda

Meet Amanda Ellis … our store manager at the Santa Claus Christmas Store!

Amanda basically oversees all aspects of the Santa Claus Christmas Store. She is responsible for all customer service, choosing product and gift lines and overseeing all operations of both the Santa Claus Christmas Store and our web stores.

She is a graduate from Indiana University with a degree in Art and a minor in Education, has owned her own consulting business and specialized in retail start-ups and liquidations.

Prior to that she worked in buying, designing and manufacturing. Amanda resides in French Lick, Indiana.

A fun fact about Amanda is that she once designed a dress that was worn to the Oscars by a producer’s wife! How cool is that?!

Here’s a little Q & A with Amanda …

Me: How long have you been in the retail business?
Amanda:  I started in the retail business in college in 1979!

Me:  Where did you work before coming onboard with us?
Amanda: I have most recently been working for my own consulting company, designing and buying for stores, consulting with owners, and also doing liquidations.

Me:  Did you know that you always wanted to be in retail?
Amanda: I knew I always wanted to be involved in fashion.  My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 4.  After college I moved to LA and studied design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (while working as an assistant buyer at a department store).  For my final project, I designed a dress for a producer’s wife for the Oscars!  Now I sell handbags and accessories to small boutiques around the country.

Me:  So … the Santa Claus Christmas Store in Santa Claus, Indiana. Is that crazy or what?
Amanda: The Santa Claus Christmas Store is a beautiful store with a wonderful, warm atmosphere.  How cool is it to go to work where every day is Christmas?!

Me:  What drew you to apply for the manager’s position at the Christmas Store?
Amanda: I wanted to work closer to home, so I was looking for a specialty store to manage that was close to my house, interesting in nature, and a place where I could help grow the business and create a brand and/or destination.  This store fills all those needs!

Me:  So far, what has been your favorite aspect of the position?
Amanda: So far, I would have to say I like the staff and the people I work with.  I also like the casual, family atmosphere.

Me:  What’s the best thing about working in Santa Claus, Indiana?
Amanda: This is a very quaint community and the drive here from French Lick is very scenic.  Because everything relates to Christmas here in Santa Claus, the town seems very unique.  Very “old world.”

Me:  Do you have a favorite ornament or item at the Christmas Store?
Amanda:  I love the Old World ornaments—anything that is vintage looking.  I still love to decorate with very old, nostalgic, and traditional trimmings.  Fortunately, we have the variety to please the decorating tastes of everyone!


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